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Ensure Compliance and Safety, by Purchasing Pipe Markers in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich

Australian standards dictate that pipes must be marked in certain ways depending on what they are carrying. Ensuring that your business or worksite has followed these standards is essential for ensuring both compliance and safety. 

At Signs of Safety, pipe markers are our speciality. If you need pipe markers for your workplace in Brisbane or Ipswich, you can count on us to provide what you need in a compliant manner. All our pipe markers have been designed in accordance with Australian standards. For instance, pipe markers for pipes carrying water are always green, while pipe markers for pipes carrying alkali or acids are pink. All pipe markers are also visibly labelled so that all the people working in your facility will be fully aware of what materials any given pipe is carrying.

Why Pipe Markers Are Important

In some cases, the materials that pipes carry are more or less harmless. Such is the case with pipes carrying water, air and steam. However, other elements that might be flowing through a given pipe—such as acids, oils or trade waste—might be harmful or toxic. Avoiding leaks or breaks in those pipes, then, is of particular importance.

Having the proper pipe markers around your Gold Coast or Brisbane facility can help remind workers to use caution around all pipes, but especially those containing hazardous materials. When your employees know what materials pipes are carrying, they also know the potential hazards posed by each client.

Australian standards dictate that pipes must be labelled every eight metres 'along the service' so that, labels must be placed 'adjacent to all junctions, valves, service appliances, bulkheads, wall penetrations and the like.' Needless to say, marking a pipe correctly and in compliance with directives, requires multiple different labels with identical colouring and labelling.

Use Signs of Safety to Order Your Pipe Markers in Brisbane, Ipswich or Gold Coast

Signs of Safety has been manufacturing and distributing pipe markers in Ipswich, Gold Coast and throughout Australia for two decades now. You can count on us to know the right colours and templates for each different kind of pipe label. Our pipe markers also come in two default sizes (460 x 37mm and 460 x 47mm) as well as custom label sizes. Regardless of how big your pipes are, or what they are carrying and how many markers you need, we can meet your requirements.

You can also count on Signs of Safety to provide the highest quality pipe markers on the market. We want you to be able to apply your pipe markers right after construction is complete and then not have to worry about them. With that goal in mind, we provide vinyl labels with UV stable inks. We can even protect your markers with an additional laminate covering—an especially useful feature for any outdoor piping you may have.

Does your facility need pipe markers to ensure compliance and safety? If so, click here to learn more about what Signs of Safety has to offer.