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Meet Australian Standards for the Storage of Dangerous Materials: Work with Signs of Safety to Order Hazardous Signs in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney

Whether it’s a flammable gas or a spontaneously combustible substance, if you are storing or using potentially hazardous materials on your worksite, you need the proper signage to denote the risks. At Signs of Safety, we can provide the hazardous signs you need in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere else in Australia. We manufacture a broad range of Hazchem signs, all crafted to meet Australian standards for the storage of dangerous materials.  

What Sets Signs of Safety Apart

At Signs of Safety, we have been selling a range of hazardous signs in Brisbane and Melbourne for two decades now. While we have a longevity that many of our competitors don't, though, we are not the only company in Australia that sells these types of safety signs.

So what sets Signs of Safety apart from the pack? How have we lasted through the past 20 years, continuing to grow our brand and win new loyal customers despite minimal marketing or advertising? And why should you choose us if you need new Hazchem signs in Australia?

What makes Signs of Safety unique is the human element. These days, it seems like the majority of safety signage companies are based completely online. The online shopping experience is optimal for many types of sign purchases since you can just browse a web store, find what you need and place your order. However, if you aren't sure exactly what kind of sign you need, getting an actual human on the phone to advise you in your order can be more challenging than you might think.

At Signs of Safety, we provide the convenience of an online store with the customer service of an older brick and mortar business. If you click here, you can see the hazardous signs that we carry in Sydney, Brisbane and throughout Melbourne. You will see a chart of some of the more common dangerous goods signs, as well as a second chart detailing the pricing.

If you need help picking out the right sign for your workplace, though—or if you need a custom-made hazardous goods sign—you can give us a call at 1300 982 719. Unlike with some larger sign companies, we won't bounce you through a series of automated voice messaging systems. Instead, you will get to speak with an actual representative—a faster and much more satisfying way of getting your problem solved.

Purchase Your Hazardous Signs in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane Today

Especially if you are acquiring your first-ever set of hazardous signs, knowing exactly what you need to meet Australian standards can be somewhat difficult. At Signs of Safety, not only are all of our signs already designed to comply with those national regulations, but we are also always helpful to lend a hand if you need extra assistance. In addition to telephone, you can also contact our team by sending an email at We look forward to seeing what we can do to help you.