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Need Pipe Labels in Bulk in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane? Come to Signs of Safety for a Competitive Quote

Does your business, worksite or facility have exposed pipes or service lines? If so, then pipe labels are going to be a must. Whether the pipes are carrying water, steam or trade waste, it is important that your employees have that information. Without proper pipe labelling strategies, you risk workplace accidents and potential legal liability—as well as troubles with the government for failing to comply with federal standards. 

Needless to say, purchasing pipe labels in Melbourne or Sydney is a significant step in preserving the occupational health and safety of your workplace. In facilities where many different pipes are carrying a variety of substances, the labelling process is extra complicated. It can also become expensive, due to the Australian standard requirement that says labels must be placed at 8-metre intervals and adjacent to all junctions, valves and bulkheads.

Get Price Transparency for Your Pipe Labels in Sydney or Brisbane: Call Signs of Safety Today

If you need bulk or custom orders on pipe labels, then Signs of Safety is the place to shop. No matter what kind of pipe labels you need and no matter how many you are buying, you can always trust us to be transparent about pricing.

For instance, we have two standard sizes of pipe labels available in Australia: 460mm x 47mm & 460mm x 37mm. 460 x 37mm labels cost $3.00 each, or $25 for 10. 460 x 47mm labels cost $3.50 each, or $30 for 10.

However, if you have special requirements for the pipe labels at your Brisbane or Melbourne location, just let us know. Perhaps you need 50 or 100 of the same label to mark off an unusually large or long section of piping. Maybe you need a larger or smaller label to mark off a non-standard-sized service line. At Signs of Safety, we are happy to prepare a custom order of pipe markers for you. We can tweak the size of our labels so that they suit you, or prepare a special bulk order.

If you do have special order needs, feel free to get in touch. We will quickly prepare a price quote for you so that you can decide whether or not to go through with the purchase. In general, we are extremely competitive in price as order quantities increase.

Place Your Special Order Today

If you need a special order of pipe markers ASAP, click here. On that page, you'll find some of the specifics of our pipe markers—including the most common label types that we sell and pricing details. If you don’t see the pipe label type that you need, don't worry: we can customise that for you, too.

Do you have any questions about our pipe label service, or about what types of labels you might need at your Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney factory or worksite? If so, feel free to pick up the phone and ring us on 1300 982 719.