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If You Need Custom Safety Signs in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, Call Signs of Safety First!

There you are, minding your own business working at your desk when a foreman on one of the companies’ many projects comes barging into your office. He indicates that he needs seventeen different custom safety signs in Melbourne, of various sizes for his worksite. He further indicates that no more than any two of the signs will have the same text or graphic on them.

Before he goes any further, you interrupt and say “But I work in Human Resources, why are you coming to me about this?” The foreman’s response is something to the effect that if someone gets hurt it will be your problem and punctuates that statement with “The Boss said for you to do it, and by the way, we need them quickly!”

You jot down the requirements for the various custom safety signs and being reasonably tech savvy; you start with an internet search. After an hour, you realise that the companies that just distribute signs only have certain "standard" sizes and language and do not meet the required parameters. You become encouraged when you find custom sign companies, but then learn that the signs are made on a different continent and won't reach you for four to six weeks. You call the foreman and inquire as to when he needs the signs, and the response is a terse "Yesterday!"

You call a co-worker in Accounting to find out which sign vendors your company uses. When you call them, they inform you that they have plenty of the standard signs your company usually acquires and suggest you just use the closest match. You know that the Boss won't be impressed by that suggestion.

Custom Safety Signs in Sydney

As a last ditch effort to find a source for custom safety signs in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, you try calling Uncle Bob who is the general manager of a large construction company in Sydney. You recount your problem to him, and he laughs and says "I thought you had a hard question for me, this one has an easy answer. Just call Signs of Safety! They do all of our custom safety signs in Sydney."

You call Signs of Safety and are surprised that they take your call so late in the day. The knowledgeable, courteous representative takes down all the information you provide her and says they will get back to you shortly. “Sure you will” you say to yourself and go home dejected.

The next morning when you show up for work there is an e-mail waiting for you from Signs of Safety. You open it and are astounded that there are proofs of all of the signs, a competitive quote for the entire job, and a completion date of next week!

You print out the proofs and quote and run to find the foreman. You find him in the lot having an animated discussion with the Boss. You approach sheepishly and stand to wait until they are finished discussing cost overruns. The Boss turns to you and says "Are you waiting to talk to him or me?" "Both" you respond.

We also do Custom Safety Signs for Brisbane

You show them the proofs and quote for the custom safety signs for Melbourne and the Boss asks: "Didn't the foreman just ask you for this yesterday?" You proudly nod in the affirmative. "Get them ordered, and from now on, you are our point of contact with Signs of Safety. We need 127 custom safety signs in Brisbane in two weeks. Can Signs of Safety get custom safety signs to Brisbane?" Your reply with a confident smile is: "They sure can!"